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Client overview:

Rainclear Systems is the UK’s leading stockist and distributer of metal guttering and downpipes for self-build, refurbishment, and conservation. The firm specialises in cast iron, heritage cast aluminium, modern extruded aluminium, and galvanised steel, copper and zinc, and stocks a comprehensive range of goods in its Swindon-based warehouse.

At-a-glance summary:

Campaign objectives:

With over 18 years’ experience in the industry – serving architects, self-builders, professional installers and DIY enthusiasts – Rainclear has developed an exceptional reputation amongst their target market.

But with this demographic evolving – as homeowners increasingly look inwards to undertake home improvements, and smaller building developers sought the greater quality of materials Rainclear has on offer – it was only natural that the company’s marketing strategy needed to evolve accordingly.

And while the building materials specialist already had a small presence on Facebook, which generated some interest, a significant opportunity to maximise leads from this channel remained untapped. That’s why Rainclear sought the expertise of Let’s Run Marketing, to uplift the potential even further.

Campaign details:

As Rainclear’s relationship with Let’s Run Marketing has strengthened, so too has its budget.

With detailed research into customer personas, this ongoing campaign sees content placed strategically in front of the right audience, to act as the all-important bait for optimum lead generation. Once obtained, hot prospects are then able to be fed through to the organisation’s sales for conversion.

This not only works hand-in-hand with Rainclear’s Facebook marketing strategy, to truly maximise reach, but also helps the content to cut through the noise of competitors.


The fact that Rainclear’s return on ad spend (ROAS) was remarkable, at 11%, since enhancing the businesses’ social media and digital marketing strategy, is testament to Let’s Run Marketing’s expertise – with Facebook Ads driving a greater engagement with target audiences than ever before.

And with an average cost-per-lead of £35, sales and marketing teams have the flexibility to dispense budgets even further afield – which is particularly valuable, considering the economic backdrop we’re currently operating against.

Let’s Run Marketing’s willingness to dig deep and get under the skin of the business, proactive approach to content management, plus confident and regular delivery of campaign results, has played a crucial role in developing this partnership further.


“At Rainclear, we’ve never worked with a social media agency before, so we were definitely a bit sceptical at first. Not only were we unsure of the kind of success we might have, but we also didn’t know how well we’d work with Let’s Run Marketing.

“But we needn’t have worried. The team works really hard to understand our business – ensuring the language used in our Facebook adverts mirrors the things we say to our clients – and proactively ensures any new opportunities are leveraged online, to help generate further leads.

“What’s more, Let’s Run Marketing really care about the results they generate for us, and that progress is fed back to us on a regular basis. Particular in a time where the economy is in such a constant flux, it’s important to know that our spend is paying off.”

Anthony Hitchman, Managing Director at Rainclear Solutions